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In the interest of service quality, we process all available information, visit the site and, if necessary, propose to the client suitable solutions for the façade in general as well as specific central solutions.

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Dust-covered façades can be cleaned without help, but if the façade is contaminated with mildew and fungus, we always recommend that you contact specialists.

There are two options for cleaning a dust and grime-covered façade:

  • washing with appropriate cleansers and/or tools;
  • repainting the façade with suitable paint if the finishing is covered in grime or substances that prove impossible to remove.

There are ways to stop the spread of mildew and fungus: by avoiding the problem in the first place or by preventing the spread thereof.

  • The problem can be avoided by making sure that mildew and fungus have no nutrients to thrive on, i.e. by selecting a suitable finishing coat and making sure the façade has limited opportunities to get wet.
  • Biocides help stop existing mildew cells and fungus spores from reproducing if you select the appropriate finishing material when cleaning the façade.

In our experience, washing a façade that has been contaminated with mildew or fungus yields results only for a couple of years, whereas pre-treatment and a new coat of paint can keep the façade clean for up to 20 years (depending on the environment).


The finishing coat of the façade needs retouching every now and again. The surface and the type of finishing material used determine how frequently a new level of paint should be applied. For example, wooden surfaces should be repainted every 3 to 10 years and plaster surfaces every 10 to 30 years.

Surfaces that are contaminated with fungus or mildew should be washed clean before painting as fungus and mildew do not provide a durable surface fur subsequent coatings.


In addition to grime build-up and aging of the finishing coat, façades sometimes also decompose.

Façade maintenance is performed for a number of reasons:

  • enhancing insulation if insulation is insufficient or suboptimal
  • visual renewal, i.e. eco-friendly cleaning of façades contaminated with mildew or mildew, specific pre-treatment before painting, fixing minor plaster defects and covering with renovation paint
  • cleaning up decomposed areas of finishing plaster and/or reinforcing bars and restoration of finishing
  • complete reinforcement of decomposing or poorly finished surfaces and application of a new finishing coating

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If you would like us to send you a quote, please send us information on the surface area of the façade or the view and ground plan of the building design documentation as a PDF or a DWG file. Add images of the façade and a brief explanation about why you want to order façade maintenance.